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Chicken antibodies - custom antibody development

The chicken is an ideal choice as a non-mammalian host species when using mammalian or human protein antigens. Since chickens are not mammals they generally produce high avidity antibodies to mammalian antigens, especially those that are highly conserved. This is due to the fact that the protein structure of mammalian proteins is similar between different species.

Some of the other advantages of IgY antibodies in the chicken are that:

  • The process of collecting the antibodies is much less invasive in comparison to other host species as the antibodies are found within the yolk of the egg.
  • Approximately 2-3g of antibody can be collected from one chicken in one month
  • IgY does not bind to protein A/G
  • IgY antibodies do not recognize mammalian Fc receptors
  • Generally a specific antibody response can be seen much quicker than in mammalian host species
  • Eggs can be stored at 4ºC for at least 6 months without a reduction in the quality

Standard Production Package          $375.00

Package Contents:
1 Chicken
56 days of animal maintenance: housing, feed, daily monitoring, and veterinary care
4 immunizations with Freund’s Adjuvant
Pre-immune Bleed (0.5-1ml)
2 Bleeds (0.5-1ml)
Daily egg collection days 35-56

Day   1:  Pre-immune bleed/ Immunize using CFA
Day 14:  Immunize using IFA
Day 28:  Immunize using IFA
Day 35:  Bleed/Start daily egg collection
Day 42:  Immunize using IFA

Day 56:  Bleed
Day 56:  PI to decide to continue or extend project

Extension Prices:
Monthly Continuation Fee:  $230.00
Includes: 1 boost, daily egg collection and storage

Capralogics Inc. also provides processing of egg yolks for long-term storage at 2-8ºC. Please contact us for options and pricing information.

We also offer custom antibody production in other host species: goat antibodies, rabbit antibodies, sheep antibodies, and llama antibodies.

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Chicken antibodies support services

Capralogics can provide delipidation and both IgY and affinity purification of egg yolks. See the lab services page of our website or contact us for more details.

Did you know that the amount of antibody found in the yolk of a chicken egg is comparable to that found in the serum?