Protocol Options for Custom Antibody Development

goat antibodies, sheep antibodies, rabbit antibodies, llama antibodies

Capralogics Inc. offers both standard and custom protocol options. Please see our antibody protocol and antibodies host species choices: 

For custom protocol options contact one of our highly skilled technical staff to assist you in developing the right custom antibodies protocol to meet your specific needs.  We also have extensive experience in the generation of antibodies for host cell protein assays.  We work closely with our customers to qualify your antibodies and achieve optimal coverage, please contact us today for your customized quotation.

Learn more about our antibody production species: goat antibodies, rabbit antibodies, sheep antibodies, llama antibodies, and chicken antibodies.


Custom Protocols

We help our customers design custom antibody protocols to meet their specific needs. Some factors of consideration are:

• Type of antigen
• Species required
• Volume of serum needed
• Time constraints

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They take the worry out of outsourcing custom antibody development.

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