Custom Antibody Development — Goat Antibodies

Goat antibodies - custom antibody development

The goat is an ideal choice as a host species for antibody production when large amounts of antiserum are desired. Large volumes of goat antibodies are an essential tool for immunodiagnostic kits, Host Cell Protein (HCP) Assays as well as potency assays. We have extensive experience assisting companies in the development of these antibodies for use in a variety of applications. Custom protocol development is available to meet your specific needs. Contact us for more information.

Standard Production Package          $1,200.00

Package Contents:

1 Goat 

84 days of animal maintenance: housing, feed, daily monitoring, and veterinary care 

4 immunizations with Freund’s Adjuvant

Pre-immune Bleed (10ml)

Test Bleed (20ml)

Production Bleed  (250-400ml) 


Day   1:  Pre-immune bleed/ Immunize using CFA 

Day 21:  Immunize using IFA 

Day 42:  Immunize using IFA

Day 52:  Test Bleed

Day 63:  Immunize using IFA

Day 72:  Production Bleed
Day 84:  PI to decide to continue or extend project

Extension Prices:
Monthly Animal Maintenance:  $150.00
Production Bleed:  $0.50/ml of serum, plasma or whole blood
Test Bleed:  $15
Injection:  $15

We also offer custom antibody production in other host species: rabbit antibodies, sheep antibodies, camelid antibodies, and chicken antibodies.

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Limited on time and in need of a large volume of antibody product?

Ask us about our plasmaphoresis option.

Capralogics Inc. was able to provide us with a goat antibody that worked great in our in-house assay. Thank you.

-Pharmaceutical Customer