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Llama Anti-Mouse IgG

Llama anti-mouse blot with mouse IgG

Capralogics Inc. has a well characterized secondary antibody product Llama anti-Mouse IgG (includes llama subclasses IgG1, IgG2, and IgG3).    

Cross Reactivity Tested: 3.7% Bovine, 1% Horse, 2% Rabbit, 0.8% Human

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Check Out Our Llama Secondary Antibody Products

llama secondary antibodies

Wanting to use llama antibodies for your research application but are lacking the secondary antibodies to make this possible? Capralogics has now produced it’s own line of both conjugated and non-conjugated llama secondary antibodies. Click here for a listing of our llama secondary antibodies.


CAPRALOGICS INC. is a full service polyclonal antibody production facility offering custom antibody production in goats, sheep, chickens, rabbits and llamas. Learn more