Custom Antibody Development & Antibody Production

Custom polyclonal antibody development

We Are the Difference Between a Vendor and a True Partner.

Managing your custom polyclonal antibody development project from antigenic selection to a finished product. Let our highly trained and skilled staff assist you with all phases of antibody development. Capralogics Inc. has been providing custom polyclonal antibody development services to a variety of customers since 1994. We feel it is most important to develop a close working relationship with each of our customers so that we truly understand and internalize their specific needs. Capralogics offers production in a variety of species including goat antibodies, rabbit antibodies, sheep antibodies, chicken antibodiesllama antibodies and alpaca antibodies. We also offer a wide range of laboratory antibody support services including peptide design and development, conjugation, antibody purification, as well as antibody characterization services. All animals are housed at our facility in Hardwick, MA. This gives us the ability to have added security, assurance, and control over our daily operations and allows us to offer our customers more flexibility when it comes to project management and protocol options. We approach each project with careful attention and pride ourselves on our commitment to customer satisfaction.


Capralogics Inc. has a long and reliable history of providing high quality polyclonal antibody production services as shown by our published antibody citations and journal publications.

Capralogics is always able to accommodate our last minute protocol modifications, we truly appreciate their customer service and flexibility.

-Research Customer