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Normal Sheep IgG Ammonium Sulfate Cut

SKU: SA0050


50 mg
Host Species: 
Ammonium Sulfate
Buffer & Formulation: 
10 mg/ml IgG in 1x PBS, pH 7.4 with no preservatives
Aliquot and freeze at -20° C. Avoid freeze-thaw cycles.

Pooled normal sheep serum purified via ammonium sulfate.  Protein determination via A280. and A340-190 wavelength scan.

Purified IgG from serum collected from Capralogics’ owned sheep flock.  All sheep are housed on site and have detailed health histories.  All animals are fed controlled rations of feed that is certified free of animal by-products.  Every animal is observed daily by trained staff and is inspected monthly by our Attending Veterinarian.


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