Custom Antibody Development — Sheep Antibodies

Sheep antibodies - custom polyclonal antibody development

The sheep is another option as a host species for antibody production when moderate to large amounts of antiserum are desired. Members of our highly skilled staff have over 15 years of experience in assisting researchers in the development of novel antibodies in sheep for use in a variety of applications. Custom protocol development is available to meet your specific needs. Contact us for more information.

Standard Production Package    $1,200.00

Package Contents:

1 Sheep 

84 days of animal maintenance: housing, feed, daily monitoring, and veterinary care

4 immunizations with Freund’s Adjuvant 

Pre-immune Bleed (10ml)

Test Bleed (20ml)

Production Bleed (200-300ml) 


Day 1: Pre-immune bleed/ Immunize using CFA 

Day 21: Immunize using IFA 

Day 42: Immunize using IFA

Day 52: Test Bleed

Day 63: Immunize using IFA

Day 72: Production Bleed
Day 84: PI to decide to continue or extend project

Extension Prices:
Monthly Animal Maintenance: $150.00
Production Bleed: $0.50/ml of serum or plasma
Test Bleed: $15
Injection: $15

Capralogics Inc. is an approved blood collection facility under regulation EC 1774/2002 to collect and export ruminant serum and plasma to approved facilities in EU countries. For more information contact us.

We also offer custom antibody production in other host species: goat antibodies, rabbit antibodies, llama antibodies, and chicken antibodies.

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The key to better sheep antibodies

We believe that healthy and happy animals make better antibodies. Our closed sheep flock is allowed to graze freely on our pastures and are not housed in indoor pens.

The customer service representative was able to work with me to incorporate my specific protocol requests to meet IACUC guidelines.

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