New Antibody Products

Capralogics has developed many unique and novel antibody products. Many of them were made in conjunction with researchers or from customer recommendations. Do you have an antibody product that you would like to see developed? We would love to hear from you. Contact us at

Namesort ascending SKU Price
Trk-A FC0109 $265.00
TIE2 FC0107 $265.00
SGK3 FC0114 $265.00
SGK2 FC0113 $265.00
SGK1 FC0112 $265.00
Rabbit anti-llama IgG1 PL0123 $100.00
Rabbit anti-llama Heavy Chain PL0111 $195.00
Rabbit anti-Alpaca IgG PL0122 $100.00
PERK FC0105 $265.00
Normal Alpaca Serum AS0010 $50.00
MLCK FC0117 $265.00
MAPK9 FC0120 $265.00
MAPK8 FC0119 $265.00
MAPK6 FC0130 $265.00
MAPK4 FC0129 $265.00
MAPK3 FC0128 $265.00
MAPK2 FC0127 $265.00
MAPK13 FC0124 $265.00
MAPK12 FC0123 $265.00
MAPK11 FC0122 $265.00
MAPK10 FC0121 $265.00
MAPK1 FC0118 $265.00
MAP3K10 FC0108 $265.00
MAP2K1 FC0126 $265.00
Llama anti-Mouse IgG PL0121 $199.00
LIMK-2 FC0104 $265.00
LIMK-1 FC0103 $265.00
IRE1a FC0106 $265.00
HMG-CoA (HMGCR) CC0208 $295.00
GSK-3 beta FC0111 $265.00
Goat anti-Alpaca IgG PL0124 $100.00
Glucose Transporter 1-FITC Conjugate P00391 $295.00
GCN2 FC0101 $265.00
FADK2 FC0115 $265.00
FADK FC0110 $265.00
Elongin C P00822 $250.00
DNA-PKcs FC0102 $265.00
DCK FC0116 $265.00
anti-STAT6 FC0125 $265.00

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Collaboration with Capralogics on Custom Antibody Development

Capralogics is always looking for new and innovative products. If you are considering a custom made novel antibody, maybe we can help. If approved, we will cover the animal costs in return for the rights to distribute the finished product. Your lab will cover the cost of immunogen and shipping. Under this plan, not only will your lab have sufficient supplies of a quality antibody but your cost to produce your antibody will be significantly less.