Custom Antibody Development — Llama & Alpaca Antibodies

Camelidae antibodies - custom antibody development

Since 2007, Capralogics, Inc. has proved to have strong expertise in immunization services for custom polyclonal antibody production in llamas and alpacas.  Llamas and alpacas belong to the camelidae family.  Camelids are unique with having smaller functional single chained antibodies that consist of a single variable binding domain termed VHH and two constant domains know as CH2 and CH3.

 The VHH domain antibody has many valuable applications and advantages over a traditional IgG antibody including the following:

  • VHH antibodies are small and they have the ability to recognize antigenic sites that are normally inaccessible to conventional antibodies such as enzyme-active sites and in vivo barriers formed by the vascular endothelium.
  • Rapid tissue penetration with the ability to cross the blood-brain barrier.
  • Have high tolerance to extremes in pH and temperature meaning that they retain native structure and biologically active conformation making them ideal for biosensor applications.
  • Well expressed in microorganisms such as bacteria and yeast.
  • An affordable alternative to monoclonal antibody production.

Standard Production Package   $3,500.00

Package Contents:
1 Llama or Alpaca
84 days of animal maintenance: housing, feed, daily monitoring, and veterinary care
4 immunizations with Freund’s Adjuvant
Pre-Immune Bleed (~15-20ml serum)
Test Bleed (~25ml serum)
Production Bleed (200-400ml serum or ~500ml whole blood with heparin)

Day 1: Pre-immune bleed/ Immunize using CFA
Day 21: Immunize using IFA
Day 42: Immunize using IFA
Day 52: Test Bleed
Day 63: Immunize using IFA
Day 73: Production Bleed
Day 84: PI to decide to terminate or extend project

-Inquire for other additional adjuvant availability and custom protocol options

Extension Prices:
Monthly Animal Maintenance: $300.00
Production Bleed: $425 approximately 350ml of serum or 500ml whole blood
Test Bleed: $50 approximately 25-50ml serum or whole blood
Injection: $30

For more information on the advantages and uses of camelid antibodies click here.

We also offer custom antibody production in other host species: goat antibodies, rabbit antibodies, sheep antibodies, and chicken antibodies.

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Phage display library

Looking to create a phage display library? We offer collaboration services in B cell isolation, RNA and cDNA preparation to be used for cloning as well as screening and amplification to get uniform expression of all VHH genes. Contact us for more information.

We were able to produce our llama antibody and buy the necessary secondary antibody all in one place. They are true definition of “one-stop shopping”.

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